Summer Camp - Week 1!

  • June 20 2024
  • Boolean Girl

Summer Camp Week 1 is on, and we are so excited to be back! Arlington (Marymount) camps kicked off this week. Bethesda camps start next week, and Alexandria the week after. 

Mid-Week Update

Earlier this week, our Scratch camps started creating stories, developing plots, characters, and settings. Over the next few days, they will use Scratch to render their own code and make their original stories come to life! 

Question to ask your Storytelling in Scratch camper: Who are your main characters (sprites) are and where is your adventure heading?

Our micro:bit Robotics campers are learning how to create inventions by programming micro:bit microcomputers with Microsoft Make:Code. Getting creative, campers will design, build, and code their own inventions. So far, they've been working on building their own robotic pets and will soon be adding various motors and sensors to them.

Question to ask your micro:bit Robotics camper: What robotic invention are you working on creating?
Campers who have been through Scratch programs previously are getting started in Python in our Python 1 camp. They are learning the basics of Python such as variables, functions, and libraries. Campers are creating digital art using a code library called Turtle. So far, they have been using the "pen" function to draw their own lines, shapes, and looping drawing animations. A free development environment you can use to code in Python at home is Trinket.

Question to ask your Getting Started in Python (Python 1) camper: What kind of art are they creating?

Before the heat wave hit on Tuesday, some campers spent their morning break creating chalk art on the sidewalks outside. Unfortunately the heat kept us inside the rest of the day, so those students who didn't get to draw in chalk yesterday will get to tomorrow. We also got some wiggles out inside by dancing to Just Dance videos and doing virtual obstacle courses.

Friday Update

We finished up the week on Friday with project presentations and a pizza party! There were so many great projects, and we can't wait to see what else these amazing kids do next. 

We will be sending all families links to the projects so your children can continue accessing them and working on them as much as they want. Look out for that information via email.

Next up: For our younger campers, we will continue Storytelling in Scratch next week, with Code Your Own Adventure camps coming in the following weeks. Our middle schoolers can get into Web Development and Python 1 next week, and Python 2 and Artificial Intelligence courses starting in July. Next up in Robotics is micro:bit Wearables the week of July 8.

Check out more videos of our project presentations here.

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summer camp - week 1 - 43
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summer camp - week 1 - 32
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summer camp - week 1 - 1
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